All staff have the knowledge and skills required for effective implementation of EIE.

In Summary

The “Look Fors” described below are taken from the effective practices and integration sections of the Going Deeper Rubric:

  • Staff at all levels receiving on-going professional learning in equity and inclusive education based on their needs.
  • School and departments establishing a professional learning community approach to support shared learning.
  • System leaders encouraging and facilitating professional growth opportunities in equity and inclusive education for all staff.

Further Your Discussion

Reflective Questions

  • How are the needs for professional learning determined and what priority is given to EIE in the programs offered?
  • What areas of focus in EIE are covered in professional learning for teaching and support staff, and what skills or knowledge outcomes are expected from such learning?
  • What opportunities exist for students and parents to improve their understanding of equity issues, and their skills in promoting inclusiveness among peers and the school community?

For more information, see How Do We Know We Are Making A Difference? A Reflective Tool for School and System Leaders on the Implementation of Ontario’s Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy (PDF Available in English or French)