System leaders consistently identify and remove discriminatory barriers to learning.

In Summary

The “Look Fors” described below are taken from the effective practices and integration sections of the Going Deeper Rubric:

  • System leaders work with the board of trustees to make decisions which support effective implementation of equity and inclusive education.
  • System leaders monitor, support and provide feedback to staff on the implementation of equitable and inclusive education practices.
  • Systems leader facilitate the sharing of effective practices in equity and inclusive education among schools and departments.

Further Your Discussion

Reflective Questions

  • How are we building leadership capacity for addressing inequity and discrimination in the system?
  • How are system leaders monitoring, supporting and providing feedback to staff on the implementation of EIE practices?
  • How are system leaders facilitating the sharing of effective practices in EIE among schools and departments?

For more information, see How Do We Know We Are Making A Difference? A Reflective Tool for School and System Leaders on the Implementation of Ontario’s Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy (PDF Available in English or French)